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Retune #13 Sunday 4th August 2019: Scott Booth + Riviera + Roisin O’Hagan

It can be a tricky time to gather an audience during an August show, with many people away on holiday. But those that did turn up to our August event were treated to some fantastic musicianship. We saw some old faces and some familiar ones in the crowd, and none of them would have left disappointed.

First up was Roisin O’Hagan. Roisin was due to appear at one of our earlier shows but had to pull out because of illness. But her set was definitely worth the wait! Hooky, catchy songs and a vocal packed with feeling and conviction. It is easy to see why Fender picked her up as one of their Undiscovered Artists Of The Year. Roisin has a really stripped-back, simple, no-frills style, but it is extremely authentic and easy on the ear.

We had only really encountered Bishop’s Stortford-formed band Riviera in their full (loud) lineup, so it was very refreshing to hear some songs from frontman Conor and guitarist Max in an intimate acoustic setting. The band have all taken a gap year after sixth form to concentrate on writing and playing live, and it will surely pay dividends; they are very endearing on stage and are constantly honing their craft. Lyrically they really draw you in, and hearing Max’s accomplished backing vocal was a pleasure.

Finally, Scott Booth headlined the night. It is huge task to captivate the audience using only an acoustic guitar, but by the end of Scott’s set we were all speechless. He combines fingerstyle techniques with an array of effects to create a gigantic soundscape. John Butler is his hero, but we also heard evidence of Scott’s interest in jungle and other forms of electronic music. ‘The Rose’ was a highlight, as was his inspired version of 90s trance classic ‘Children’ by Robert Miles. If you are ever in Bristol, you have to check this guy out.

Thanks to Emma Bowdidge for stepping in to take photos, and to Tony on sound, who did a fine job. Our next event is on October 6th. See you there.

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