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Tom Ryder


Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a professional musician and journalist who has performed and worked all over the world. I also have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.


During my times in hospital in my early 20s, I noticed that my fellow patients were using creative outlets as coping mechanisms to make sense of their situation. Some were writing songs and singing, some were writing poetry while others were drawing or dancing.


I founded Retune because I believe there is a very strong link between creativity and mental health that deserves to be explored further.


Just like fine tuning a musical instrument or altering the frequency on a radio, ‘retuning’ your mental health is all about making small adjustments, finding creative outlets and being part of a supportive community.


Would you like to find out more about my story or the project? Email me at

Kathryn Bailey


Hi, I’m Kathryn, a creative designer and filmmaker. I also happen to be Tom's younger cousin. 

When Tom was first admitted to hospital, I was just 11-years-old and I was shielded from the

truth of the situation, as I was considered ‘too young’ to know what was going on. Being involved with Retune now allows me to be part of a cause that is close to my heart, as Retune's workshops discuss mental wellbeing with all ages, from primary school pupils to adults.

Email me at

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