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Tom Ryder

Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a musician and journalist, and I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

When I was hospitalised for poor mental health in my late teens and early twenties, I noticed that patients were using creative outlets such as writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing and cooking as coping mechanisms.

I founded Retune because I believe there is a very strong link between creativity and mental wellbeing that deserves to be explored further.

As with fine-tuning a musical instrument or altering the frequency on a radio, ‘retuning’ your mental health involves small adjustments. We can all improve our wellbeing by finding creative outlets and being part of a supportive community.


Linda Ranger

After a 40-year career as a primary school teacher specialising in music and French, I am delighted to have this opportunity to be part of Retune’s development. I believe passionately that expressing ourselves through music and other creative arts brings huge wellbeing benefits. 

I am a former volunteer peer mentor for Mind, and I’m a trustee of hospital radio at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, where I lead singing sessions for patients with dementia. 


Greg Camburn

I feel extremely privileged to have been with Retune from the start, working closely with Tom on our wellbeing mission. It is a pleasure to be appointed CEO of the charity.  We have a fabulous group of trustees and a strong team putting on fantastic music events and taking our workshops into prisons, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, where we share our SCALES self-help model.


My career includes 17 years working in the City of London, a decade running a lifestyle business and a spell as CEO of a cancer charity.  I am currently involved in several educational and social sector organisations.


I’m also a keen saxophonist, playing wherever and whenever I can, so I know how beneficial music and creativity is for mental wellbeing; it has helped me so much over the years.


Kathryn Bailey

Hi, I’m Kathryn, a creative designer and filmmaker. I also happen to be Tom's younger cousin. 

When Tom was first admitted to hospital, I was just 11-years-old and I was shielded from the truth of the situation, as I was considered ‘too young’ to know what was going on. Being involved with Retune now allows me to be part of a cause that is close to my heart, as Retune's workshops discuss mental wellbeing with all ages, from primary school pupils to adults.

Email me at

Minnie Birch.jpg

Minnie Birch

I work as a music teacher within the Criminal Justice System and have a keen interest in how music can support wellbeing. Having performed at a live event for Retune, which created a safe space for performers and the audience to share songs and experiences, I then invited Retune to deliver a session with me in a male prison. Music and creativity gave people a licence to talk openly and to ask questions, something which I had not seen from everyone in the group before.


Retune uses the language of music to navigate complex emotions, and provides a supportive community. I believe in its ethos that creativity and mental wellbeing are intrinsically linked, and I’m proud to have joined the team.

Paul Winspear.jpg

Paul Winspear

I've known of Retune ever since its launch through Tom's work as a music writer for the newspaper I edit, the Bishop's Stortford Independent. Personally, I've been aware for most of my life of the capacity of music – purely as a listener – and more latterly the arts in general, to soothe a troubled soul. I was struck by Retune's concept and by the genius of its SCALES system. I am privileged to have been invited to assist in spreading its message. The COVID pandemic has underlined just how vital it is for us to do everything we can to keep our mental wellbeing in tune.

Jay Williams.jpg

Jay Williams

I’m honoured to have been invited to become a Retune trustee. Having been musical my entire life, I’ve found the benefits of music to be constantly making themselves known in an ever-changing world. The phenomenon of music is that it seemingly serves everyone from high politicians to those in the most isolated regions of the Earth. I find that both fascinating and a largely untapped force for good. I believe that Retune is opening that tap.


I have nearly a decade of experience in song writing and music performance with over half a decade in technical theatre. My deep passion for creativity and the arts is what drives me to help those who, like myself, have suffered from the immense challenges that mental health can present.

David Hows.jpg

David Hows

I’m a teacher of physics at the secondary school Tom attended. I encountered an eleven-year-old Tom not in a science lab but on the stage when he took part in a play I was directing; his contribution was nothing short of extraordinary and I was privileged to work with him on productions throughout his time at the school.


As deeply as I love teaching my subject, and as exhilarating and mind expanding as physics can be, there can be no doubt that creative activities like drama and music allow people to access something very special. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with lots of productions at the school and I’ve seen students’ involvement in the arts completely change their lives: giving them a genuine sense of achievement and of self-worth which they might not get through traditional academic subjects; helping them to focus and put other matters behind them – nothing concentrates the mind more than knowing you’re about to step out in front of hundreds of onlookers; helping them to make long term career choices. Without a doubt, the influence of the creative arts is an enormous force for good. And I really believe that the Retune message can help people to see how that force might work for them. It is such an honour to have been asked to be part of the Retune team.

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