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The home of mental wellbeing

The Retune app is where our community gathers to celebrate both creativity and

wellbeing. Retune has a global audience, yet this app is tailored to you and your


‘The Reel’ is a personalised news feed that offers you high quality content without all

the sponsored ads and noise often found in other apps.

‘Tune Up’ allows you to explore our SCALES model and discover how it can apply to

your wellbeing. Listen to curated playlists, engage with blogs and posts, measure your

progress and check out our podcast series.

You can also join like-minded groups and connect with others in the Retune community.

Soon we’ll be offering a range of live-streamed content, as well as letting you know

about events in your area.

The app is free to use. If you’d like to contribute to the community, you can subscribe

to join as a member – a ‘Retuner’. Becoming a Retuner enables you to enjoy premium

content in the groups and Tune Up sections, and to grow your creative network. You’ll

be first in line to experience the very best of Retune.

App information coming soon!

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