We deliver informative and entertaining workshops for up to 30 pupils, inspiring young people to improve their mental health through creative outlets

The events of 2020 have thrust mental health even further into the spotlight. It is more important than ever before for young people (and teachers!) to have strategies up their sleeves to improve mental wellbeing.

Through live performance, open discussion and pupil participation, Retune’s wellbeing workshops demonstrate the importance of using creative outlets such as music, art, drama, dance and writing to maintain wellbeing and build emotional resilience. Retune teaches young people how to unlock their imaginations, inspiring them to pursue their passions and achieve mental harmony in the process. Sometimes we all feel out of tune, and small adjustments can take us back to where we need to be.


In order to meet social distancing requirements and follow government guidance, we are taking every possible measure to ensure the safety of pupils and staff. We stringently follow all advice on distancing, hand washing, mask wearing and restrictions on singing, where applicable. We will also work with individual schools to satisfy all safety requirements, as we know that each school is different and must adapt to the guidance in its own way. Please refer to our Risk Assessment for more information.


We have delivered to all ages, from Year 1 to adults, and the presentation has been especially effective for students at ‘transitional’ stages such as Key Stage Two, Year 7 and Sixth Form. Workshops can last anywhere between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on timetabling.

What The Pupils Said They Learned:​

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What The Teachers Are Saying:

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Feedback From The Schools We Have Visited…

(1,233 pupils and 108 members of staff attended the workshop)


of teachers rated the presentation as Good or Excellent


of teachers rated the speaker as Good or Excellent


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1,145 out of 1,233 pupils rated the workshop as Good or Excellent


1,199 out of 1,233 pupils would like Retune to visit their school again

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