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Retune in June 2019

We talk to comedian Steve Bugeja and singer/songwriter SuRie about how their art interacts with their wellbeing.

Retune in conversation with Natasha Devon MBE

Natasha Devon MBE is a writer and campaigner whose work on mental health has been celebrated throughout the UK and beyond. She was also the former Mental Health Tsar for the British government. Her book ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Being Mental: An A-Z’ is available here:

Retune in conversation with Jonny Benjamin MBE

Jonny Benjamin MBE is the author of ‘The Stranger On The Bridge: My Journey From Despair To Hope’ and created the Channel 4 documentary of the same name. He is an internationally-renowned speaker and mental health advocate, alongside Neil Laybourn, his saviour on Waterloo Bridge. Buy his book here:

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