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Retune uses a system called SCALES with six ‘strings’ (Sleep, Creative, Active, Listen, Earth, Social) to measure wellbeing. Like a musical scale, each string can move up or down. See how in tune you are by taking this short quiz... 

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Question 1
Tune Up_1.png
1. How many hours of sleep do you usually get per night?
Question 2
Tune Up_2.png
2. How creative are you?
What do you mean by 'creative'?
Question 3
Tune Up_3.png
3. How active are you?
Question 4
Tune Up_4.png
4. ​How often do you read/watch/listen to content?
Question 5
Tune Up_5.png
5. How healthy is your diet?
Question 6
Tune Up_6.png
6. How do you look after your home environment?
Question 7
Tune Up_7.png
7. How often do you engage with nature?
Question 8
Tune Up_7 copy.png
8. How do you relax your mind?
Question 9
Tune Up_7 copy 2.png
9. How sociable  are you?
Question 10
Tune Up_7 copy 3.png
10. How are your romantic relationships?

Thanks for taking the quiz! 😊


There are no prizes or scores, but hopefully this has given you an opportunity to reflect on your wellbeing, and explore ways to improve it. Take a look at our Tune-Up section and the news in The Reel to learn more...

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