Retune inspires young people to improve their mental wellbeing through creative outlets such as music and the arts. Here's how we do it:

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Retune Live

We host live music events that promote mindfulness and wellbeing, providing a safe space without judgement where performers and audiences can share songs, stories and experiences.


Come to one of our monthly live shows


Retune Education

We deliver workshops in schools, universities, prisons, hospitals and corporate organisations, building emotional resilience and discussing strategies to improve wellbeing by engaging in the creative arts.  


Book a workshop for your school, company or team


Retune Online

We have developed online resources that enable our community to engage with content such as our SCALES system (Sleep, Creative, Active, Listen, Earth, Social). 

SCALES offers self-care strategies that could prevent serious illness.


Learn more about SCALES

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Retune is a brilliant concept linking creativity, mental health and recovery.

- Brian Eckersley, NHS Nurse

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