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Retune is a charity that inspires young people to improve their mental wellbeing through creative outlets such as music and the arts, offering preventative strategies that are designed to build emotional resilience.
Here's a taste of what we offer:


Wellbeing Workshops

We deliver workshops in schools, universities, prisons, hospitals and corporate organisations, building emotional resilience and discussing strategies to improve wellbeing by engaging in the creative arts.  


Book a workshop for your school, company or team

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We host live music events that promote mindfulness and wellbeing, providing a safe space without judgement where performers and audiences can share songs, stories and experiences.


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Mental Health

We have developed a set of resources that enable our community to engage with content such as our SCALES system (Sleep, Creative, Active, Listen, Earth, Social). 

SCALES offers self-care strategies that could prevent serious illness.


Learn more about SCALES

Upcoming Events

South Mill Arts

Retune is a brilliant concept linking creativity, mental health and recovery.

- Brian Eckersley, NHS Nurse

No Strings Attached

Music legends leave their mark on the iconic Gibson J-45 guitar.
NO STRINGS ATTACHED brings together some of the biggest names in music for a unique creative project, in partnership with Gibson Gives.

This song was created by Tom and The Retuners specifically for the project.


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